The best yachts of the web

Renting a yacht is a great opportunity to relax and forget all your worries. The sea is able to relieve anxiety at a glance. Surrounded on all sides, it gives absolute freedom.

Positive emotions on the water

The size of last year's new yachts is striking as shipyards are paying more and more attention to luxury models. At the same time, shipyards continue to build small and medium-sized boats and yachts. According to the organizers, middle-class representatives would again buy sports models. Multi-hull boats are in vogue, which, with the same length as single-hull boats, offers more living space. Other trends include the use of carbon fibers in construction to improve dynamic performance and reduce fuel consumption, and to equip new models with hydrofoils.

Yacht equipment

The interior of the yacht combines classic traditions with modern innovations. The ship was finished using cherries with walnut inlays. The elegance of this finish is further enhanced by leather, wood and luxury furniture with priceless paintings. The vessel is equipped with an audio and video system, high-speed Internet and satellite television. The integrated control system not only allows audio and video files to be downloaded from the monitor's central access to each cabin, but also to control lighting, blinds, etc. The yacht is equipped with motor and sail boats, jet skis, water skiing, a banana, doughnuts, fishing equipment, kitesurfing boards, wakeboarding and snorkeling equipment, as well as diving equipment for 6 people. There is a diving instructor on board, as well as facilities and entertainment for children. Not to mention that the yacht is always equipped with at least one skipper, as it is a luxury boat.

A promising action for this year with the 200 yachts that have entered the competition, 24 of which are nominated to enter the competition. The jury rents its equipment for people with reduced mobility, clear lines and very good finishes.